Photography by Sara Renee. You can find her at 

Pictures tell the stories of our lives.

Today is one of the most exciting times in the history of photography- second only to the invention of the medium itself (in my humble opinion).  Or maybe I just feel that way because every day I get up and and get to take pictures.  One of my favorite uses of photography is its role in recording history- global history, domestic history, local history, and family history.  Nearest and dearest to my heart is the recording of family history.  I like photographs that are honest, give us a record of how we looked at a particular moment in time, and capture our emotional details as well the physical details of our immediate world.  

I like making two kinds of photographs.  First, I like to get up close and personal with my subjects, letting them fill most of the frame.  I also like widening my view and taking in enough detail to create a visual story.  

I particularly like working with children.  Not only do I have two of my own, but I also have a decade's worth of teaching experience under my belt.  I hold an undergraduate degree in art from East Tennessee State University and a masters degree in education from University of Tennessee at Chattanooga.  I taught for a decade before devoting my life to my family and my art. 

While I may no longer inhabit a physical classroom, I see this space as a place for me to continue teaching, connecting with people all over the country (possibly even all over the world- how exciting is that prospect?!).  My goal is to help anyone who wants to learn more about photography and using their camera, any camera, to take better pictures and record daily life.