So you're not a photographer...

That's cool.  Maybe you are a parent or a grandparent who just wants to remember these moments. You know the moments I'm talking about.  These moments aren't necessarily milestones, just the everyday commonplace.  The moments that happen all around us.  Everyday.  Because you blink, and they're gone.  Never. Coming. Back.  

I mean, how often does THIS happen?

Photograph them.  Photograph the hell out of them.  As anyone who's ever had a big wedding can tell you, when it's all over you have three things- the rings on your fingers, the amazing memories, and the photographs.  The wedding was a blur, a fun, amazing, emotional, crazy blur.  But in the end the photographs are a testament to it all.  A testament to your love, your planning, the time you spent making sure every detail was perfect, the story of your day captured in photographs.  

Life is like a wedding.  It's an absolute blur!  You live it, and it's fantastic and emotional and cake-in-your-face messy.  And a great photograph can jog even the foggiest of memories.  THIS is what I'm all about.  Jogging your memory.  Telling your story in photographs.  Keeping a record of your life and your family that can be passed down through generations.  

I don't have any pictures of myself with my grandfather.  Isn't that sad?

Sound interesting?  Sign up and don't miss a moment. I'm going to help you take better photos. Better yet, I'm going to help you take your photos and DO SOMETHING WITH THEM.  To me, this is the most crucial thing for us in the digital age.  We need to get our photographs off our phones, off our computers, and into an archival format that withstands operating system updates, the Cloud, bugs in the latest app, computer crashes, and the like.      

Sign up.  I dare you!